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Bobby Orozco, from the small town of Bridge City, TX, found his passion for the piano at a young age. His journey began with private piano lessons, igniting a love affair with the instrument that would shape his life. Pursuing his musical dreams, Bobby delved into formal piano studies at Lamar University, where he studied under pianist, Dr. Richard Dowling, and found himself deeper into the world of classical music. Influenced by the masters of classical composition, Bobby's style began to take shape, but it wasn't until he discovered the enchanting sound of the cello that his musical world truly expanded. The melodic richness and emotional depth of the cello inspired Bobby to explore new avenues of expression, leading him to experiment with compositions for piano and cello. Now residing in Plano, TX, Bobby continues to enchant audiences with his soul-stirring compositions, blending classical elegance with contemporary flair. His love for the cello has not only changed his way of writing but has also opened new dimensions of creativity, allowing him to craft music that resonates deeply with listeners. Through his artistry, Bobby invites us on a journey of introspection and emotion, where every note tells a story of passion, resilience, and the enduring power of music.

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Previous events

Bobby will be performing a 1-hour solo piano concert with OTO. He will be performing mostly original music with a few familiar songs sprinkled in. Bobby will be accompanied by Megan Jones, an art student at Lake Highlands High School who focuses on high-contrast, acrylic floral paintings. This is an all ages event and tickets will be sold on Eventbrite.


Bobby Orozco | Piano Concert

House Concert, Plano

Join Bobby Orozco for an all candle-lit performance in his home. He'll be showcasing music from his albums along with some new unrecorded music from his next project. This is a very intimate atmosphere with limited seats. The donation amount is for each person, not each purchase.

Celebrate with Bobby and Kasha Orozco as they share a co-release of their book and music.

Bobby will be performing the (re)release of his first recording, "War Horse." This recording features 12 original compositions for solo piano that include, "Facing the Sun," "Death of a Gypsy," and "The Requiem."

Kasha will be debuting her first book as a devotional prayer journal, Declare a Victory. This journal includes daily writing prompts and a daily planner to grow deeper in your faith.

Join Bobby and Kasha for their co-release at this 1-night event with limited seating at Firewheel Bible Fellowship.

SOLD OUT | Bobby Orozco Piano Concert

Orozco Home, 752 Arbor Downs Dr., Plano

Bobby is a local pianist new to the Plano area. He will be showcasing much of his original work including pieces from the (re)recording of his first album "War Horse," along with some familiar songs in a small, intimate house concert. Feel free to bring a bottle of wine or beer as there will be a few at the performance. This will (hopefully) be the first of many home concerts so we'd love to have you! Very limited seating so grab your spot!